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03 Warning Signs Your Online Content is Hurting You

Missed out opportunities. That's what you get all the time.

If you are getting these warning signs whenever you are doing some kind of content work, then you need to address it seriously.

The content been put out does create some brand awareness but doesn't get those intended leads.

This most at times happens when content been put out is not intended to capture leads. 

To maximize your chances of getting the right leads or prospects who have raised their hands and showed a certain degree of interest, you need to always put out those resources to help build your database. This could come in the form of a downloadable ebook, a webinar where attendees leave their information or even a quiz.

Without a proper way to capture leads, you are  just building on an empty promise.

There is some level of inconsistency in your frequency of content creation and the message is not well carved out.

When it comes to getting known out there for something, one post or one article shared online won't be enough. 

The game is frequency. 

You have to be seen as many times as possible in order to stay top of mind vis-a-vis the competition. Sharing daily relevant messages that speaks to your audience in some way, shape or form actually works in your favor. 

An irrelevant message or a message not well carved is one that doesn't speak to your client's needs, doesn't relate with them or shows empathy.

Clients love it when a company they look up to or have done business with can show great empathy expecially when they least expect it. 

Staying relevant and being more committed in creating valuable pieces of content works like magic.

3) The tools necessary for lead capturing and nurturing are not properly deployed to maximize revenue potential.

Winning online is not just about having a good strategy but it involves coming up with those tools that help you speed up the process and facilitate your ability to communicate and nurture the relation with your target audience.

Tools include SMS marketing, email marketing, blogs, ebooks, presentations and much more.

Quit doing laborous tasks and leverage tools that work for you and in your favor


How then do you address it?

Fixing it by yourself is one way to go about it given the fact that you have now seen what is possibly going wrong.

Most will do nothing about it and that's perfectly fine and it's up to them.But those who ask for some guidance and assistance explore different opportunities and potential possibilities.

Take action and do something about it.