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The Best Way You Want To Be Closing Great Deals On LinkedIn

These are surely the practices you need as an entrepreneur or as a sales professional to close better deals on LinkedIn.
If you are an entrepreneur, founder, sales professional or involved in some kind business development, this is definitely for you.
I get asked all the time by founders and entrepreneurs how they can maximize their chances on LinkedIn to close the deals that feed their businesses. 
Having helped businesses attract & close big deals on LinkedIn and achieve significant success from the platform, I can confidently say that LinkedIn is the platform designated for the right kind of opportunity your business is looking for. 
You have to understand the fact that getting clients on LinkedIn is a process and a totally unique approach compared to what you may be thinking.
Keep in mind that no one buys off the bat on LinkedIn. It’s either they have identified their needs through your content or you reached to them and made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.
The point is this: you should have a process whereby you can walk your prospect from point A to point B which is being a paying customer.

Free LinkedIn offers you an amazing experience if done properly and a greater experience if you can leverage the power of LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
So how do you get clients on LinkedIn?
On LinkedIn just like any other social media outlet, intent is key. You can’t be doing things at random and expecting a great outcome.
With the case of LinkedIn, it all starts by knowing who it is you want to serve as a professional or as a business.

Once you don’t have clarity on who you want to serve and their pain points you are trying to remedy as a business, high chances are you will be knocking on the wrong doors all the time.

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After getting to connect with them, use content marketing to your advantage. Share content that speaks to your audience’s needs. You can do so by creating original content that is content produced by you or sharing content from different sources that add value to your audience.
Content marketing is not a must but is definitely a vital tool to help position you and set you aside from the rest in the marketplace. In other words, it demonstrates your experience and expertise in your field of operation.
In your outreach communication, don’t sell. In fact, forget the idea of selling on LinkedIn. It won’t work. Instead, have a casual interaction and make it all about them and their priorities; provide value.

As the interaction gets going and as you keep being valuable with your content and messages, there will come a time where you have to close the deal either through an in-person meeting or over the phone. That will be if and only if you utilize a sales process that works in your favor.


Something to note here is that people are busy. LinkedIn to some executives or some people in general is not a regular avenue for them to be hanging out all the time. So don’t bore them with messages that gets you ghosted. 

Instead, keep it short and let the message you leave be a powerful & insightful message or resourceful information focused on their business that gets them to say “thanks” or “thanks for sharing”.
Fill your pipeline, double your closing rate and be a more profitable business with this process. 

Always, always and always follow up on your leads or prospects.

One interaction is not good enough to land that deal. You need to follow up either via email, text message, SMS or another method just to stay top of mind in the mind of that ideal client. You need a follow up plan that way you don't come across as a "pest" to your prospect.

The follow up is to help you get to that next meeting or that next project presentation that way you can seal the deal.

To uncover your prospect's pain points and see if your business' proposition matches their needs and interests,

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